The Pureform Trifecta Staker


 This program is a tool you can use to target trifectas on any type of race from anywhere in the world. It gives the smart punter the opportunity to take advantage of your knowledge of the runners, market structure or whatever else you like to apply.

Trifecta Staker

Nuts and Bolts

Trifecta Staker is as the name suggests, a program that will allow you to stake your trifectas - and do it correctly!! It lets you stake each trifecta according to the odds that you want to use and target bets to collect the same amount for each trifecta.

For example, betting to collect $200 will stake each trifecta to collect the amount and if betting using overlays, some really huge results can be snared.

The program takes your market (TAB, bookmaker or your own) adjusts it to 100% (very important), then calculates exact trifecta staking for all combinations.

This program allows you to connect directly to TAB prices and then select overs/other selections. These selections, perfectly staked to collect the target amount can then be submitted using an Internet TAB account. 

Use the full power of the Internet with the Pureform Trifecta Staker.

How It Works

Basically download the race fields and this includes all horse, harness and greyhound events. Trifectas can be staked on any meeting on the TAB and any of the codes. The program then updates the necessary information from the Internet and displays the figures.

The program has two minor buttons:

Go Live and

Use Odds

Go Live: Gives you live information from the TAB about the odds on offer. These odds will update periodically as the pools increase.

Use Odds: Once you are ready to do some calculations, click the Use Odds option to no longer receive live updates.

100% Click the 100% button to adjust the market to 100%. Basically the TAB market is set to around 115 to 120% and so the odds can be misleading. Setting the market to 100% ensures your maximum options. Make adjustments accordingly.

Use your own market, your own opinion varying the TAB figures as required or any other combination.

Select A Range

Take trifectas in a certain range to limit the outlay or target a segment of the market

Play the Markets

The program offers some real opportunities for the smart operator who simply wants to play the markets. Omit the favorite, take a few horses only and stake them according to the market. The options are endless


The price of the program is $330


Trifecta Staker

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